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Meeting You Where You're At

It is our top priority to meet you where you are at on your healthcare journey and develop attainable goals together, as a team.  We aim to help you become the best version of you that you can be!

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Our Story

Since 2016, Dr. Michelle DAC, LAC, MS, BSN, RN, CFMP, Dr. Holly DAC, LAC, MS, BS, CFMP & Pam BS, CMT, BCTMB, RYT have developed a strong passion in working with those dealing with chronic illness. From early warning signs, diagnosis, treatment & beyond: they have been there for their patients- every step of the way. Dr. Michelle & Dr. Holly have Doctorates in Acupuncture, are certified Functional Medicine Practitioners & hold national & international certifications in Acupuncture & Oncology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Pam has 25 years in the health & wellness industry is a certified yoga instructor and is the current clinic director for their sister company, Acupuncture Center of Northern Colorado*If you are interested in adding acupuncture into your wellness routine and you live in Northern Colorado, click HERE to schedule an appointment.


Hearing the same questions & concerns from our patients throughout the years- sparked an idea!  Why don't we create something that is easily accessible, affordable and answers all the questions we are asked, and make it available to the public?!  We have developed several options to help you attain your wellness goals, whether that is working 1:1 with one of our providers, participating in a self-paced workshop or just ordering your labs- we have it all!


We want to emphasize our compassion for your unique journey & our gratitude for your trust in us!

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