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At Impact Supportive Health, we take a comprehensive approach to healthcare. We believe in addressing the whole person, and keeping YOU at the center of the conversation and we understand that everyone is unique and has different needs and preferences.  We are compassionate & dedicated to helping our clients achieve their healthcare goals and live their best life!

Nutritional Cooking


Our Gut Health Program

With our one-on-one customized program, we offer a solution focused, data driven, supportive plan putting your individual needs first! 

We are here to provide you with the support, guidance, and resources you need to achieve your health goals.  


This program includes:

  • A Functional Medicine intake appointment

  • Food Sensitivity Lab testing

  • Nutrient Deficiency Lab testing

  • A Report of Findings appointment to review test results and make a plan

  • Wellness Guide

  • Daily Journal

  • A follow-up session

  • Bonus material including check lists, resource guides and recipes


Have some questions?  Currently accepting patients who reside in Colorado, schedule your discovery call today and learn how we can help you on your journey to better health and wellness!


"Mini" Gut Health Program

This mini version of our Gut Health Program puts you on track with your healthcare journey.  This version is a more self-guided information and implementation program.


This program includes all the crucial food sensitivity and nutrient deficiency testing followed by a one hour report of findings with one of our skilled functional medicine practitioners to set you up for success!

Online Shopping
Blood Samples


Lab Testing

We offer lab testing only for those patients who just want information and feel confident in interpretation and implementation individually.  Click the "Order Labs Here!" button to be connected to our online Lab Shop to select our most trusted tests and have them shipped straight to your home. These tests can be completed at your convenience and do not require a prescription or appointment with a provider.


*With this option, however, you will miss out on working with one of our skilled providers, any customized treatment plans, lab interpretations, and access to all of our incredible resources.

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